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Monday, November 12, 2012

Make up Looks to Come!

Hello ladies! How was your weekend? was it good? Great? or Awesome?

I had an awesome weekend and I'll tell you more about it soon for sure ^^,

Okay since I can't upload videos on my Youtube channel because of my computer I've decided to just shoot some looks and upload them once my computer is fixed.

First off is the Skyfall Bond girl look.

 I've already shot this look a couple of days ago but I will edit and upload this once my computer is fixed. This look is really sexy and vampy and I can't wait to share my retake on this look!

I will also do a sexy yet much simple version of this with a nudish pink lippie (see picture below) since not all girl are ready to jump to a vampy look. 

Next look with be a Carly Ray Jepsen look for her song Kiss. I like this look since its simple yet catchy - just how I like my make up looks.

And lastly, I will be recreating Selena's look on her Glamour Magazine shoot which is a very classic glam up look that is easy to pull off.

I will do FOTD's soon for sure since I can't help but do some make up mayhem with my make up since Christmas is coming.

Weird as it may sound as early as November I get giddy about the Christmas season since that is the only time that I can go to parties without my mother berating that I shouldn't do it as often and also Christmas shopping for my gift, don't tell me you don't do that! LOL

Pinoys get ready for Christmas as early as the Ber months begin so its a no-brainer that I get excited a little late than most pinoys LOL.

If you have any celebrity looks you want me to try and recreate please comment below or email me! I will surely accommodate them as much as I can.

Have a safe Monday!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


Janine M. said... [Reply]

Great looks to recreate! Gusto ko in gawin yung 1st and 3rd! :) looking forward to your version! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Janine M. Thanks Janine! ^^, hope to see your version of these looks too ^^,

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