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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make up 101: High End vs. Drugstore (low end)

Happy Wednesday! For some reason the weather is not giving me a hard time today..although my stomach is giving me a helluva time here at work. Thank God for modern medicine! LOL 

But this post is not for my tummy but for Make up 101 Wednesday! haha! 

I've received emails regarding which is better - High End or Drugstore make up? and which ones are really worth your money. So let me help you with what I think is worth investing on.

1. Make up tools

When choosing make up tools, it really pays to know if the product is durable since you will be using it for quite a long time. I would really suggest to go splurge on this one. Since you will be using it for a long time - may it be for personal or if you are a make up artist, this is really worth the spend. 

2. Foundation

Another thing that is worth splurging is foundation, you will never go wrong with high end foundations since they give out a great finish to the skin. You can still go for drugstore foundations but most drugstore foundations are a hit and miss if you are still a beginner. 

3. Blush and Bronzer. 

With blushes and bronzers, you can actually save with these since there are a lot of drugstore brand blushes and bronzers that are very pigmented that is still within the budget. 

4. Eyeshadow. 

With eye shadows, I can actually say that drugstore brands can take over. Most drugstore brands do offer a great line of eye shadows that can match up with high end ones.

5. Lipsticks.

With lipsticks you could definitely go for the drugstore ones since all lipsticks are the same the only difference is the packaging and the label. There will be some hits and miss but you just have to trust your gut with drugstore lippies.

 Over all its your choice if you want an all high end or low end make up collection since it will be for your own use. My personal opinion for this is I want to splurge more on skin care and foundation more since those are the ones that stay a lot longer than the rest of my make up and it also takes care of my skin.

How about you? would you go all high end, all drugstore or just a mix of both?

Let me know below ^^.

Much Love!


Janet said... [Reply]

love this post! we totally share the same point~ I usually splurge on foundation as for eyeshadows and blushes I just go for drugstore as long as colors are great and pigment is ok then I'm sold already ^_~

Alice said... [Reply]

@Janet Glad you love this post! I'm a real cheapskate sometimes but its not bad to splurge on foundation ^^, If you have any make up questions just email me so I can do a post about it ^^,

SunnyToast said... [Reply]

I splurge on foundation like Mac but with eyeshadows since I often used I just buy in drugstore anywhere as long as the color is what i need I guess because I'm always busy so I dont have much time to buy stuffs like that:) but i really want to have my own make up kit:)to end my relationship with pricey salons!

Alice said... [Reply]

@SunnyToast I hope you can build up your make up kit soon ^^,

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