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Friday, November 9, 2012

Kpop Friday! Hyuna's Ice Cream + Pepero day!

Hello awesome ladies! Its Friday again! I cannot believe it is finally Friday! Ay teh paulet ulet?? LOL Anyway on today's Kpop Friday I will be talking to you two topics so expect this post to be quite long for sure. 

I will be talking about HyunA's newest song Ice Cream and Pepero day! Let's start with HyunA shall we?

HyunA is back with her latest mini album named Melting and its carrier single is Ice Cream. Its kinda in the same context which is really cool. The MV was released last October 22 2012 so its still a bit fresh and has been getting a lot of buzz since then. 

I like 4minute especially HyunA, if you've noticed I post more of her pictures here rather than other Kpop artists :D I was really excited when this song got released because unlike Bubble Pop this one has more strong beats but still is quite sexy. Bubble pop has more of a sweet and bubble yet sexy vibe to it. 

Another thing that made this song getting lots of buzz is PSY's cameo in the MV. I think its a way to say thank you to HyunA for being the muse in his Gangnam Style video. As of the moment HyunA's video had garnered around 20 Million views on Youtube talk about buzz right? 

The MV is a real eye candy if you ask me since its colorful and very fun to watch. Was a bit confused on some scenes in the MV - Especially the rally sequence because of the English signage that they used in it. Did it ever occur to anyone that every single signage should have a coherent meaning? Just sayin' 

But overall I loved the song and the MV. HyunA is really good since she showcased her cute and sexy side in this MV effortlessly. Thumbs up for it! :) 

Now on to Pepero day. If you like Kpop and also Korean Pop Culture you might know this very well. I already made a similar post about this, you can check its here

Pepero day is basically a day you give out Pepero which is a stick that has chocolate. You can think of it as like Jack n' Jill's stick pretzels if  you are in the Philippines. One story I heard is that this trend started with a group of girls in middle school giving them peperos on 11/11 to wish them to be 'tall and slim as a pepero' 

This is not a national holiday but something young people in Korea do as a way to show how much they care about a person. Its like White day - but only for friends. 

I already bought some chocolate sticks for Sunday since I will be giving them to my Korean friends and also to my niece and nephew. 

So what are your plans for this weekend? Will you be celebrating Pepero day with your friends too? 

Let me know on the comments section below! ^^, 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Elle said... [Reply]

I love pepero! I buy the ones from the brand Pocky. Omnomnomnom :D


Alice said... [Reply]

@Elle I know that brand! Too bad though that the Korean store near my house doesn't have it yet... out of stock because of Pepero day :D Thanks for dropping by dear ^^,

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