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Monday, November 19, 2012

Enchong's 24th Birthday Celebration!

Hey hey! I know this blog is about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but I just need to post this to share what a wonderful time I had with Enchong Dee for his 24th birthday. Enchong's birthday was actually last November 5, but during that time he was in the States for Star Magic tour. 

Last Saturday night I was able to party with Enchong Dee and the rest of Enchong Dee World. It was only a small get together to celebrate Enchong's birthday. I was actually amazed that even if some of us are busy with our lives, may it be school life or work, we were able to get together to wish Enchong a happy birthday. 

We had the celebration held at Jade Valley Palace at Timog. This place has a bit of history for being an affordable place to hold special occasions such as Debuts, JS Proms and such. They serve Chinese inspired cuisines. I can't really say much about this place since the last time I was there before Enchong's birthday was 4 years ago when I attended a singing gig there as my part time job. 

Going back to the party, we started a bit late because Enchong came from an earlier engagement which gave us some time to talk about production numbers and such..well sorta. The original plan was there was supposed to be 2 song numbers and a dance production but unfortunately the song numbers were only able to perform which is me and ate Chai. 

Ate Netchaii sang one of Enchong's favorite song which is Canonball, while I sang Baby by Justin Beiber. I didn't get to practice that much and I was also not feeling well so my voice cracked on some parts. But it was so worth it since I get to pull Enchong Dee on the dance floor and asked him to sing with me. 

alam nyo na gagawin next time ahhh LOL

How sweet right? :D

It was really a fun night and I am so thankful I was part to celebrate Enchong's birthday. 

My wish to Enchong: 

Ayan nabigay ko na yung part one ng gift ko.. may susunod pa yan! promise you won't wait that much anymore. I just wish you all the best in life may it be love life, career, business, health, and of course harmony with your family. Sana maging close pa tayo kasi ang sarap sarap mong kasama wala akong mafeel na ere or yabang, para lang kitang barkada na ang sarap sarap kasama. Basta if you need anything andito lang kami ng EDW at ng iba pang Chonggos full force ang love and support sayo. Take care always and wish you all the best!

Do you have any birthday wishes for Enchong? Post it below maybe he'll be able to read it. 

I'll leave you girls with this photo we have. kumokota ako sa picture! :D

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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