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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back with Diet Diaies!

Hello ladies! I am back with Diet Diaries. I know I haven't done this post a lot and its been a while since I made one. I don't know maybe I got lost in the moment or something like that. I would like to say that I am back with posting these since I think I want to update you girls on what has been happening to my weight loss journey so far.

I know I should be updating you girls more often but I think it just got out of my system for sometime. Luckily I was able to revamped this post. I won't be doing a daily diet diary but this will be a weekly post. I will post more on tips and tricks to help you lose that unwanted weight before the Christmas season begins - and I need to do that ASAP.

I haven't been working out lately but when I do I would use this method to exercise.
It's simple, easy and wouldn't require you to use any gym equipment. I also do another routine but I've only tried this one twice and I tell you the cycle of working out for me was never the same. 

I've only tried Monday and Tuesday which was a lot for a beginner like me but the feeling after working out is awesome. 

Diet wise, I hadn't been keeping up with what was prescribed to me. I have eaten junk food and there are times that I don't eat anything the moment I wake up and go to work which leads to me over eating. Luckily I was able to curb that out. I try to at least eat something before I leave for work so my tummy won't do a barrage of grumbles. 
Another thing I have to point out is have a time for your meals. Keep your eating time at least 3-4 hours apart to make your metabolism speed up effortlessly. I will do another post on this one since its requires a bit of science and much research. 
And lastly whenever I work out I have learned to 

Being calm and working or sorting out your problems is much easier than munching on that chocolate bar. I have also learned how to just chill out since I am an emotional eater, so when I feel stressed, I just walk out to get a breather and sort things together. 

Pretty easy no? 

I do hope you join me in my weight loss journey! 

What one weight loss tip that you live by?

Let me know on the comment box below! 

I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love~ 

xx Alice 


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