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Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 Million Likes and Millions of Memories Shared Together with Nescafe

 What would you do if you reach 2 million views on your blog? or your twitter? Or maybe on your Facebook page?

Would you do a giveaway? announce it to the world? Or have a fans day?

That's just what Nescafe Philippines did! As Nescafe reached its two million likes on Facebook, the announced its current position as the country's top page brand on Facebook. And as a way to celebrate it, they gave thanks to their fans by an all day event that was held at Mall of Asia's Music Hall yesterday, November 17, 2012.

The all day event was packed with interactive booths, photo booths with the iconic red mug, games, and shows to reward everyone that had made its success possible. There was also free merienda! everyone was treated with the favorite Pinoy coffee sidekick - Pandesal courtesy of Gardenia.

And to cap the celebration, the event is not complete without the appearances of some local celebrities like Youtube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak and bands like Callalily, 6 Cycle mind and Urbandub. The event was hosted by TV host and sports enthusiast Drew Arellano.

The brand page was launched on July 8 , 2009, and in December of 2011 it has reached its one million mark then shortly a year after that October 23, it had reached its 2 million mark. 

"This event is a testament that fans and brands go hand in hand in ensuring social media success. We listen, we care, we respond. Your fans will know if you are worthy of their attention, more so, their love, and we cannot be any happier that they gave us both," Says Christophe Stem, Business Executive Managet of Nescafe in the Philippines. 

Congratulations again Nescafe Philippines for your two million mark! I hope that you will reach the next 10 million soon! 

Cheers to that! 

Follow @NescafePH on Twitter and follow them on Facebook!

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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