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Monday, October 15, 2012

Scent of the Moment: Victoria's Secret Exotics in Moonlit Jasmine

Hello ladies!

I am back with another Scent of the Moment post. If you girls know I love scents a lot since it alters my mood. I mostly hoard buy a lot just for variety.

I'll do an updated version of my collection soon so watch out for it ^^, For today's scent of the moment, it is Victoria's Secret Exotics in Moonlit Jasmine.

Moonlit Jasmine is the scent of jasmine flowers heated by vanilla woods according to Packaging wise, its a bit nicer than their previous packaging which is bulky. In terms of the lasting power, this one lasts around 4-6 hours if I am indoors, while 2-4 hours if I am outside.

The scent is quite unique since it has jasmine and vanilla woods. Its more on the woody at the beginning then goes to a soft musky scent. I usually use this at night since its a little overwhelming for some. I haven't receive complains yet when I over spray this product which means its not too irritating even for the most sensitive of nose.

The thing though that I don't like about this is the lasting power, although given the fact that this is the fragrance mist my VS fragrance mist in Secret Garden do last longer than this one.

I am already half way through the bottle of this one so expect that I will be putting this in my November empties for sure. 

I have seen a lot of reviews online saying that this has a very synthetic scent and its too overwhelming, but quite frankly, its not really that bad. You can use this scent for day and night, but this would fit much better for a night time event for sure.

This has been discontinued though but I have seen some online shops still sell these so if you want to purchase one for yourself, you can check online shops if they have a stock.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

What is your current scent? I'd love to know!

Comment below on the comment box.

Much Love!

Happy Monday!

xx Alice


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