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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Product Review: Nivea Sparkling White Acne Oil Control

Hello ladies! I am back with another review! I promise this will be the last for this month for sure! 

I have used up my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser a month back and I felt so bad about it. I was thinking of getting a new one but I remember I got the Nivea Sparkling White Acne Oil Control whitening cleansing foam so might as well try it. 

This is a whitening product which is not really my thing since I already have fair skin. I don't want to be whiter that I really am, This is good for combination to oily skin which is my skin type as of the moment. 

It is packaged in a white shiny tube that has pink accents at the front part of the tube. The packaging is really nice and is close to the standard packaging of Nivea which is simple and clean. 

Its claim is it has two times smaller molecules that will clean deeper into the pores to prevent acne and reveal fairer skin. The cleanser has a white color that is quite frothy already. It has a faint floral green scent to it. Its not overwhelming to the nose when you wash your face which is good. 

I have been checking out some drugstores to check the price of this but I haven't seen this being sold to my local drugstore, but I saw online that this costs 75php which is great if you are on a budget. It takes off the shine but not totally which is okay since it will give the skin that natural shine.

One thing though that disturbs me is the cap. The cap is a little flimsy so sometimes even if I close the cap it would open back again.

Things I like about this:
- Did not break me out.
- Has a faint floral green scent.
- Easy to use.
- Took away too much shine and oil from my face.
- Cheap price

Things I don't like about this:
- The cap is too flimsy.

I like this product. I do feel that it made my skin lighter but not into a pale white state but more of a glowing way which is more healthy to look if you ask me.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe not. I like this product no doubt but I don't really prefer whitening products anymore.

What is your favorite cleanser to wash off dirt and oil? Let me know on the comment box below :)

Much Love!

xx Alice


Aya said... [Reply]

I wanted to try this product out before. I saw it in a magazine but I couldn't find it at the grocery store here. Was intrigued by the oil control property :)

herroyalbleakness said... [Reply]

I'm currently on acnedote deep pore wash which has witch hazel, salicylic and benzoic acid to fight off pimples.

I find it a little too drying after prolonged use so I'm not sure I'm repurchasing.

Alice said... [Reply]

@Aya I agree...I actually got this as a gift. In terms of the oil control its okay naman.. since it holds up the oil for a couple of hours lang^^.

Alice said... [Reply]

@herroyalbleakness I've heard of that product before but haven't tried it...If you want something cheaper and less drying you can try Katchalis ^^,

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