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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review: Avon Ultra moisture rich lipstick

Hello ladies! I am back with another product review! 

I have been addicted to lipsticks for quite sometime now and as a matter of fact my first lippies are from Avon. Avon is quite known for their lipsticks and I am surely a fan of it. Their lipsticks are pigmented and the colors are just perfect for Pinay skin- whether you are fair or tanned.

I will be reviewing the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick that I got a couple of months back. Sorry if the picture is not that good. I was using a camera phone back then I think. 

Packaging wise, I like that its sleek and classy which is great if you like your make up have that subtle elegance into it. The thing that bothered me though is when I tried to twist the bullet up, it seems to be quite hard which is okay actually. 

I got the shades knock out pink and Lava love.Both lippies are satin finishes which is nice if you don't like too much gloss on your lippies. I have personally prefer matte to satin finishes on my lips since they last a little longer than other lipsticks.

If we are talking about lasting power, the avon ultra moisture rich lipsticks do last around 6 hours which is nice. It does transfer easily so you have to re-apply as soon as you finish eating or drinking.  

You can buy this at any Avon representative at around 300+PHP or if its on sale which is around 250PHP.

Knock out Pink
Knock Out Pink actually looks pretty dark on the bullet which made me think how the heck can I rock this lip color? But when I applied it on my lips its actually not that dark and its pretty decent. Its creamy but not to the point that its greasy on the lips. I love how the color is nice to use for daytime. I wouldn't wear this for a night out though because the color doesn't really show up, but it does make my lips like this is its natural color.

Lava Love

Lava Love on the other hand is a reddish orange-y color that is quite bright for me. I really need to wear reds more to get use to them. I like the pigmentation of this one and I've receive a lot of compliments one time when I attended a soiree. The color is much better to sport in a night event or if you want your look to stand out more.

Over all these lipsticks are actually great to use for both day and night. These lipsticks are wickedly pigmented so a couple of swipes is enough for you for sure.

Things I like about it.
- Cheap and affordable.
- Great from fair skin to morena skin.
- Classy packaging.
- Great color selection.
- Wickedly pigmented.
- Smells yummy!

Things I don't like about it:
- Doesn't last long if you are going to eat and drink a lot.
- The cap doesn't come off easily, you better have a good grip in removing the cap.

I love it!! I seriously love it but because I have tons of product to finish, I prefer to keep it in the mean time.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe. I still have lots of lipsticks in my collection so better finish them up first before buying new ones.

Are you a knock out pink or a lava love girl?

Let me know on the comment box.

Talk to you next time!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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