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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make up 101: Skin tone and it's undertone

Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't been on the dot with some of my posts. I was on a vacay from work so I wasn't able to blog properly for the past few days. I will do vLog round up next week instead ^^, 

On today's post it would be about one important factor that can help you in determining the right colors to use for your make up. 

Skin tone is basically what your skin is. It can be described as to fair, medium or dark. Those are the simplest types but there are in between these which are light, olive and brown. Another thing to consider to know your skin tone is your undertone. 

Not everyone has the same undertone so it is best to know what is your undertone. This can also help you picking out your foundation so make sure to note this down.

What are undertones? 

Undertones are pale or subdued color to our skin. This actually determines what our skin tone really is. 

Types of undertones

There are several types of undertones but here are the most common: Cool, Warm and Neutral. 

Cool Undertone

 Those that has cool undertone has a rosy to red appearance in daylight. These colors look best in blue, red, purple and pink hues. This kind of skin also tends to burn easily and looks great with silver jewelry.

To know if you have a cool undertone, check in daylight your veins. If you have a cool undertone the veins on your wrists would be blue. 

Warm undertone

To Warm undertones your skin would appear golden or yellowish in daylight. These types are much preferred with earth tones such as browns, yellows, oranges and other colors. Compared to cool undertones, warm undertones rarely burn in the sun.

Warm undertones can be determined when you use gold jewelry and it makes your skin pop out more. With natural lighting the veins in your wrists would have a green hue.

Neutral undertones

These types are very lucky since neutral undertones can wear any color. You can identify if one has a neutral undertone when you see that their wrist is a mix of green, blue or purple veins.

That's it for today's post! If you have any questions about this topic please do go on the comment box! 

Hope you find this helpful! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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