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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kpop Friday! Miko Style!

Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't been posting on time.. 


But on today's Kpop Friday post would be the ever popular Gangnam Style which actually has another version which is MiKo Style! 

MiKo is a shorter term for Miss Korea in case you are wondering. I actually laughed at my friend who told me to watch this because I didn't believe him that there is such a video. But when I saw it I had my jaw dropped to the ground. 

The girls that were featured in this video are MiKo finalist. Honestly I thought I was watching SNSD because all of them look so beautiful and cute they don't really have to do aegyo to melt a guy's heart. 

And without further ado here is MiKo Style 

One thing I love about this video is it really highlight some parts of Korea that you don't really see everyday. Like the marketplaces and some historical places. I know I think weird when it comes to Kpop but who cares right? LOL

What do you think about this?

Let me know on the comment box I would love to read your comment ^^,

Much love!

-- Alice


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