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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have a Sweet time at Sweet Life Coffee

Hello awesome ladies!

I am back!

Before I begin this post I would just like to apologize for the lack of photos, it was mainly because my camera was not being cooperative that night, I was able to take pictures but not that much. But I will surely go back since I want to try more of their food ^^, And I will be featuring some of the photos from the official Facebook fan page of this shop.

Now onto the blog post!

This will be a special post on this blog because I really want to share to you girls this really cool place you can go to if you are in Greenwoods in Cainta.

Its a quaint coffee shop called Sweet Life Coffee, If you live within the area or you are in the area that day you might want to check out this place.

Sweet Life Coffee offers a lot of things from coffee to breakfast,lunch, and dinner. What really caught my attention is their pasta selections and their all day breakfast meals. They have an array of pasta and some have a pinoy twist, and their breakfast meals have an american touch to it. Pretty interesting no?

The ambiance and also the total look of the coffee shop is cozy and will remind you of the U.S.A. Its classy and cozy, yet sleek and modern. If you are going to have an important lunch meeting or coffee with your clients, they have a function room that you can rent out or if you want your date a little private you can use this room as well.

I wasn't able to taste all of them and also my tummy was still full from the food I ate at a party I went to :( I was only able to taste 2 of their pasta selection which were the Alfredo linguine and the gourmet tuyo.

Wait...gourmet TUYO?

Yep you read that right, I was able to taste their best seller which is gourmet tuyo. I also had an initial reaction about the name and I cannot believe if its real or they are just using it for marketing but it is true. It's pasta that has tuyo in it. 

Trivia: For those who don't know what tuyo is, it is dried herring in English. Tuyo is typically eaten with rice and tomatoes. This is commonly eaten by the masses and my personal favorite to pair with my champorado ^^, now back to the post. 

The taste of the gourmet tuyo is amazing, I seriously cannot put another description to it. And after I ate it I immediately texted my friend saying YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! I will bring you here ASAP! that is how much I love it. Its like love at first taste, mind you I still love my mom's spaghetti but this one is just the bomb! ^^. Hope my mom doesn't read this teehee! 

The taste is not too salty even if it has tuyo and its not overwhelming to the mouth. I especially like the bread that comes with it. I have this thing with smelling bread ever since I started my interest with baking. The bread that they serve with the pasta is also made by the owner so expect that the bread you will eat is fresh.

Now on to the Alfredo linguine  Sorry I had to change topics quickly because just thinking about the gourmet tuyo makes me want to go there again just to eat another one. So going back, Alfredo linguine is actually a staple just like spaghetti bolognese. And for the taste factor, this has a nice creamy taste but not too sweet which is great if you are not into sweet creamy sauces.

The serving size for both pasta are good for one, but if you are a small eater you can share this with a friend.

Now on to the drinks. Of course this coffee shop wouldn't be without its coffee selection. They have a couple of basic drinks and some one of a kind drinks.

Lets start with their basic ones. They have the basic cappuccino  espresso, brewed and latte. They also serve cold versions of these and also frappes. I was able to try their iced vanilla coffee and also their choco frappe. The iced vanilla latte is awesome but make sure to ask the barista to add sweetener because it is a little bitter. But if you like bitter stuff you can go with this.

The Choco frappe is actually amazing since its not that sweet unlike the other ones in the market. The whipped cream is also just right with the sweetness.

Now let's move on to the price ranges. For drinks mostly they would start at 49PHP to 89PHP for small sizes while its from 89PHP to 150PHP for the bigger sizes. For their food it ranges approximately 150PHP to 200PHP.

I will do a follow up post on their other meals so make sure to check out Sweet life Coffee if you are in Greenwoods.

I will definitely go back for more on sweet life coffee! ^^,

Sweet Life Coffee is located at Chestnut cor Celery St. Greenwoods Executive Village.

Much Love!

xx Alice 


Chrissy said... [Reply]

I hope they put up a branch nearer to me!

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