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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Look: The Witch

Hello ladies! I am back with my first ever Halloween look! 

I was actually thinking of not doing one this year but what the hey! I will be posting other looks that are super easy especially if you are doing a last minute costume for Halloween.

I will be posting teasers of the next looks on my youtube channel and Facebook page so make sure to subscribe, like and check them out everyday :) 

I actually like this one since I only used eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation and lipstick. You know me as a minimal make up user so this one is close to my heart. I won't be listing down the products below since you can use any make up that you have. 

Here's how to achieve this look: 

- Apply black base all over the lid.

- Apply matte eye shadow on top of your base

- Line your eyes and tight line your eyes too.

- Apply mascara

- Clean fall outs using wet wipes or cotton pad that has make up remover

- Apply concealer to problem areas

- Set the face with powder

- Apply dark colored lipstick.

No dark colored lipstick? No problem! 

Just use the darkest lipstick that you have and add black eye shadow on top of it to intensify the darkness. I hope this helped you :) 

What do you think about this look? 

Let me know on the comment box below! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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