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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fashion Finds: Fashion CAN be cheap

Hello ladies! 

I am back with a fashion post! If you know me personally you would know that I don't like to dress up BUT I like to give fashion advises. I know sounds pretty bizarre but sometimes I find it hard to style myself since my time is a bit constraint from my job and everything else.

I try to check out trends a lot and share them to my friends so at least they know the latest in fashion and make up. One of the latest trends that I've seen everyone is wearing is sheer tops. I've seen shop after shop that sells these for 300PHP and higher and all I can say was


I'm a big cheapskate so owning one of these for me is a bit of a luxury.

I would actually prefer getting my clothes made by the way I want since it has more individuality in it. That is what my colleague is doing with hers. I was surprised that most of the pieces that she wears to work were actually pieces that she asked to be done by a seamstress. 

My colleagues a bit camera shy that's why she asked me if I can just crop her head from the body hehe~! I like this outfit and seriously I was head over heels with it that I want one too!

My colleague usually gets inspiration from fashion blogs and also our latest addiction: Pinterest. I swear going on Pinterest is like a black hole that will swallow you whole LOL. I will try to post some of my fashion looks. I am not really fashionable but I will try to change that. I'm staring out with shoes. I'll be showing to you girls some shoes that I bought or will be buying. 

Fashion doesn't need to be expensive, all you need is creativity and lots of inspiration. Break the norm and try different style. You'll never know what's in store for you. 

Have a safe day! 

Much love! 

xx Alice


Hazel said... [Reply]

that's a really nice top :) oonga, pinterest will swallow me whole pag nasimulan ko na.. LOL.. good thing i didn't sign up for it...yet :P

Dress Me Up Buttercup

Alice said... [Reply]

@Hazel I haven't signed up as well I just like to look around :)

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