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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Be Limitless at the Belle de Jour fair 2012

This is just a teaser of what's to come.

Last Sunday, October 14 2012, I attended the Belle de jour fair 2012. If you want to see the previous years' fair you can check it out here.

This year's theme is be limitless. Being a BDJ Bella means to be beautiful, independent and limitless to the possibilities life has to offer. I have used BDJ a couple of years ago but I stopped using it for 2 years since I tried other planners. All I can say that the BDJ is no comparison to any ordinary planner.

The Belle de jour planner has special sections such as expense tracker, period tracker, vacation planner and among others. It also has coupons from clothing stores, online stores, coffee shops and lots more. I wasn't able to buy a planner at the fair because I didn't bring my extra money with me TT.TT

The event was held at Mall of Asia's Music Hall. There are several talks that you can take part when you pre register like Bloggers Extraordinaire, Beauty Boot camp, Life Lessons and such. I was supposed to attend bloggers extraordinaire but I arrived late :( but I was able to sit in to the other talks.

I was able to try out most of the booths but because some has long lines like the tarot card reading booth, I just said pass muna! lol. One thing though that I had to try is browhaus. I have been meaning to go to them to get my brows done since some of my friends said that this is one of the best shops to go get your brows done.  I will do another post for sure when I get my brows done.

I noticed that they had less booths this year unlike last year. Last year they had Etude House, Enderun, RedBox and other establishments that most bellas love. I think its because of the venue. But there were also It was a free for all event so there were a lot of curious people that went inside the venue.

I enjoyed most of the event - especially the talks! I enjoyed and learned some tips about life, money matters and of course beauty! I especially like life lessons since it basically gives out a crash guide on how to be independent. 

I really enjoyed the event, I was able to meet my friends there and we checked out some booths and I was able to meet one of my new found friends Gerilen who is also a BDJ girl! I will be purchasing a BDJ in December since I missed using BDJ.

Were you able to attend BDJ? What booths did you get to try out? 

Let me know on the comments box! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Aya said... [Reply]

I'm so excited to use the planner! <3

Alice said... [Reply]

@Aya me too! ^^,

CarmisCaprice said... [Reply]

I've never been to a BDJ event. thanks for sharing these.

GeriLen Elinessete said... [Reply]

finally, nagkita din tau! at nasa likod kpala namin sa pila! :P ako yung nasa picture mo! :P
sana magbonding tau minsan sis! nice meeting you! ganda ng skin mo! :P

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