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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

August and September Faves ^^,

Hello awesome ladies! I hope you are having a blissful Tuesday! :) 

Its a chilly Tuesday here at home and its a Chuseok weekend! 

I intentionally did not post an August favorites because I just used the same products so it didn't really made any sense to post another one and also I was lazy CHOZ! 

On to the favorite...

Make up! 

If you watch my vLogs (and I hope you do!) I rarely wear make up these past month since I was more into skin care so I would only wear lip balm or lipstick, blush, powder, mascara or eyeliner. 

One of the things I really keep in my make up bag is my blushes and I've been loving my careline shine free blush in peach glow and my SG MAC blush. I like these blushes because they are just right for my cheeks when I need some color. For mascara, of course it would be my AVON SuperShock mascara then for eyeliner would be my Make Station eyeliner. 

Now on Skin care. 

I have been loving these 3 skin care product the most because they just gave my skin a whole new glow. And a lot of people have noticed how my skin changed with these products. 

The first one is the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and the daily moisturizer.  I love these products simply because it made my skin a lot more cleaner and also it didn't gave me that much break outs even before during and after the time of the month. Unfortunately I ran out of the gentle cleanser so I switched to the nivea cleansing foam. I also like the nivea cleansing foam simply because it did the same job as my cetaphil but it has a green floral scent. The scent is not overwhelming which is a plus factor since you wouldn't really want people smelling your face right? 

Lez move on to scents. 

I actually have been using only one for me then the other one is for my room. The one I've been using for myself is Victoria Secrets Exotic scents in Moonlit Jasmin. The one that I use for my room is Bath and Body work's White tea and ginger. I really like using the VS scent because it is a bit spicy but not overwhelming to the nose. And this scent is perfect for fall but since there is no fall season here in Manila I can just think of it as it is hehe..

Then now to the BBW scent, This scent is very soothing because white tea and ginger are known to be good agents for relaxation. I remember when I was young my mom has a ginger infused ointment that she uses to lessen the pain I got from rough playing. In which after some massaging I tend to get drowsy just because of the scent. 

I hope you liked my post for today! :) 

I hope you are all having a safe day! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Chrissy said... [Reply]

I'm interested in the fragrances ha, they look great! :)

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