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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2ne1 CL inspired make up look

 Hello awesome ladies!
I'm back with another tutorial! yey! I've been shooting a lot of videos lately so I can just upload them and just do the blogposts. 

This is the very last tutorial for the 2ne1 I love you music video inspired look. I am so hooked with 2ne1 that I actually have all their song on my computer and mp3 player! :D

On to the final look, I did my best to do CL's look. It has that dash of color on the upper eyeliner which is cool since the look may seem too plain if you just put black eyeliner. 

How to achieve this look:
1. Apply primer, foundation or BB cream of choice. 
2. Prime the lids. 
3. line the upper lash line with blue eyeliner. 
4. Apply black eyeliner on top of it but leave blue edges
5. Line the lower lash line from the center to the near outer corner of your lower lash line. 
6. Apply white eyeliner or shimmering liner on the inner corners to the center of the lower lash line.
7. Make a triangle shape at the end of your lash line but don't connect it to the upper lash line. 
8. Proceed with a pink blush. 
9. Apply a pink lipstick 
10. Apply a pink lip gloss on the center of your lips 

And you are done! 

Products used: 
Maxfactor pancake in true beige
Colour Collection Gluta BB cream (as primer)
Cover Girl highlighter
Main street cake eye liner
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame
Victoria secret lipgloss in pink slip
SG MAC blush in 002
Avon Glimmersticks in Blue

 I hope you girls liked this look! 

I will have another make up series up in a couple of days so stay tuned! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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