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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ways to get better sleep

Not getting enough sleep is bad for you. It is considered to have at least 8 hours of sleep so our body could recuperate from the daily wear and tear. I admit I don't get a lot of sleep, but now I am trying to get the right amount of sleep since I want to get myself in shape as well.

Sleep deprivation can make you fat and lower your immune system thus making you sick. Some side effects of it is you feel drowsy during the day and some have extreme mood swings. The most common that we feel when we don't get the right amount of sleep is we feel drowsy and concentration is a bit hard since our brain doesn't work that much if we are tired. 

Here are some stuff you can do to get a good nights' sleep.

1. Make your room a sacred place.

Your room is a place where you sleep and also where you rest, so make sure that you do that. Clean your room always since the litter can affect you sleeping. Also make your room a little cooler since colder temperatures can relax the system.

2. Don't bring your work to your room.

Its okay to bring your work at home if needed, but if possible don't bring it to your room. Don't bring your laptop with your report due tomorrow in your bed. Your bedroom is your place to sleep, not your place to work.

3. Develop a bedtime habit.

This can be from washing yourself to reading a book. You need to create a relaxed atmosphere before going to bed so it will give you a sense of serenity when you sleep. What I personally do is I wash myself, read a book, sip tea then go to bed.

4. Turn off the lights.

Turn off the lights when going to bed. This actually tells our brain that its night time and we have to go to bed. But if you are not used to it, use a sleeping eye cover.

5. Eliminate alcohol and caffeine before bedtime.

Having a cup or two of coffee is good, but I suggest to stop drinking coffee by 3pm. Alcohol also does the same thing so I suggest just drinking at least two servings - two glasses ok? not two bottles of that merlot.

I hope this steps helped you make a way to make your sleeping a much better one. Any tips of your own that you want to share? Comment below I would really love to know how you get a good night's sleep ^^,

Much Love!

- Alice 


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