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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make up 101: Applying blush for your face shape

Hello ladies! The days have become so fast that its Wednesday again! And its Make up 101 once again! 
I am actually really excited when I do my weekly segments like Make 101, Vlog Round up and Kpop Fridays since it makes me think what I can share to all of you.

On today's Make up 101 I will be sharing to you how to apply blush according to your face shape.

 I've previously talked about for to highlight and contour which you can check here. If you still don't know what blush is perfect for your skin type you can check it out here

Blush enhances your cheeks and gives it a nice flush of color. Some girls can actually pull off a great look with just blush if you know how to apply it. 

I will be talking about how to apply blush according to the face shapes of oval, rectangle, round, square, heart and triangular. 


When applying blush to oval shape, just focus more of the color on the apples of the cheeks then blend it upwards until the temples. As I said on a previous blog post, oval face shape is the most proportioned face shape so it doesn't really need a lot of the magic of make up.


In applying blush for the rectangular face shape, you apply the color just below the outer corners of the eyes and blend.


For the round face shape, since you need to make your face look slimmer apply the blush on a sideways V pattern on your cheekbones then blend upwards. This is actually the trick my mom used on me when she did my make up a couple of years back for a gig.


For square face shapes, the most prominent part of your face is your jaw. So in applying blush you start at the center of eyes then blend upwards. Also try to apply blush on your chin and forehead so your face will have that soft feel.


Heart shapes are also one of the easiest face shapes to apply blush since all you need to do is apply blush under the apples of the cheeks then sweep it upwards up until the ears.


With the triangular face shape, you can actually use the trick that square face shapes do in applying blush.

In applying blush, just make sure that it compliments your skin so it will make your skin look divine and rosy. 

Much Love! 



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