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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make up 101: Knowing your eyes

Hello ladies! Are you ready for today's Make up 101. If you haven't seen my last Make up 101 you can check it here

On today's make up 101 we will be discussing the eyes a little more. Eyes is the windows to our soul they said so this is a great excuse to prettify them! :D

 Ever since I started loving and using make up, I have been trying to study how to apply eye make up more since I think this is one of the hardest since one small mistake can lead you to removing all your make up. 

One of the first things I've studied is the parts of the eye. Don't think that this will be very scientific because we'll only be talking about make up application to certain parts of the eye. 

This is my diagram of parts of the eye. Sorry its not perfect but I hope you still be able to understand where each part goes. 

Brow Bone / Highlight. 

This part is generally we put a highlighter to basically make this a borderline of a sort for our eye make up. Highlight can vary from light matte shadows to shimmery ones. 

Crease / Contour

There is actually 2 parts of the crease which are the upper and outer crease, but we'll be talking more about the upper crease in which this is the part that you blend out more to get those harsh edges away. 


Lids is mainly the part we put most of the eyeshadow. This part is also divided into 3 parts: inner lid, middle lid and outer lid. The inner lid is mainly where we put the lightest color, in the middle is more of the transition of the color from the lightest to darkest. The outer lid is where we would put the darker shade in which this is near our outer V. 

Outer V. 

This is where we put definition in the eyes since this is where we put the darkest shade of eyeshadow. 

Upper lash line. 

The upper lash line is reserved for eyeliner and also for tight lining the eyes. 


This part can also be called lower rim, lower waterline etc. This, like the upper lash line is for lining the eyes for more definition. I actually don't like putting eyeliner here since it makes my eye water. 

Lower lashline. 

As an alternative, you can put your eyeliner here. I usually use this more on that part since my waterline is very sensitive. 

Tear duct and inner corner. 

These two are given as highlight point of the eyes. If you put a highlight color in this parts it will instantly bright up your eyes making you look more awake. 

 I hope that you learned something from this blog post. Applying make up is fun to learn so don't stress out when you mess up. Keep calm and try to fix it with make up remover. 

Have fun and Good luck! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Chrissy said... [Reply]

Nice diagram sis! Lovet. :) Good job!

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