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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Make up 101: Knowing your eye shape

Hello ladies! 

Its a sunny Wednesday again and I'm back with a new Make up 101!  

If you haven't read last week's Make up 101 you can check it out here. On today's Make up 101 we are still going to focus on the eyes and on today's post will be all about the eye shapes. 

There are actually a lot of eye shapes and there are also some combination so we'll just talk about the 5 most common eye shapes for today. 

If you don't know your eye shape you can use this as your guide. 

Deep set eyes

These eye shape are large and has a deeper set into our face.

Deep set eyes can be prominent but simply adding a splash of color to your lids followed by a shimmery highlight color to your brow bone. 

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes shows an extra layer of skin that droops over our crease .

Hooded eyes commonly happen on mature skin so make sure not to use shimmery shades since they will settle down to the crease. Use matte eye shadows for this eye shape. 

Round eyes

This eye shape gives out an innocent look.

to make your eyes stand out with this shape I suggest to give more emphasis on your crease and try to elongate the eyes by extending your eyeliner or eye shadow. 

Almond eyes
These are much considered as the perfect eye shape because of its proportions.

For almond eyes, any make up trick would actually work for you so don't need to worry. 

Asian eyes

Most asian eyes has no prominent crease and also it is pointing upwards.

For making Asian eyes more distinct, apply a light shade to the inner corners then make a gradient effect of darkening it up until the outer corner of the lids. And since Asian eyes has no crease why not fake one? And if all else fails eye liner will be your best friend for this eye shape.

Knowing your eye shape actually makes it easier for us to do our make up. But always remember to keep the make up at minimal to highlight our natural beauty. 

I hope this post helped you a lot ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Sumi Go said... [Reply]

Wow! This is such an informative post.. :) My eyes are a mix of Asian and hooded. Though it's quite small, they have double lids and even a wee bit of extra skin over the crease. That's why it's so tricky to put on liquid liner! >.<

Alice said... [Reply]

@Sumi Go That is so true! I think its better if you opt for a gel liner or a pencil one instead ^^,

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