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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make up 101: Eye shadows

Now that we've covered some of the basics in face and eye make up, lets move on the eye shadow basics.
Eye shadows were made to make the eyes stand out. They are also used to add depth and dimension to the windows of our soul.

We'll first talk about the three basic types of eye shadows: powder, cream, and loose powder.

Powder eye shadow

Powder eye shadows are the most common since they have the longest shelf life due that they are dry. Another thing that makes powder eye shadow become the most used is that the intensity of the product or building up the color is quite easy with this product.

Cream eye shadow

If you want a shimmery texture or finish in your lids, cream eyeshadow can give you that.Cream eye shadows do last longer on the lids even without primer. This product also doesn't crease a lot, but one thing I don't like cream eye shadows is that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria since it has moisture.

Loose eye shadows

Loose eye shadows are the most versatile since you can use them wet or dry. Loose eye shadows are great because of their pigmentation, but if you are a beginner this can be a bit messy to use. This is great to use for night make up due to the intensity of the pigmentation.

Now lets go to the types of finishes that eye shadows do offer. There are actually four typical finishes in eye shadows: matte, frosted, satin, and shimmer.

Matte finish

Matte finished eye shadows are actually good to use for beginners since you will be able to handle how intense the color will be on your lids. I suggest using matte neutrals if you are a beginner.

Frosted finish

Frosted finish eye shadows has an opaque finish and it has a white or sometimes a silvery white sparkle into it. This tends to brighten up the eyes but if you have fine lines, this has a tendency to give in to the obvious signs of aging.

Satin finish

Satin finish eye shadows are the ones opted for mature skin since this has a little sparkle but is still matte which is great to use. Satin finishes also gives out a youthful look which is great to use for mature skin.

Shimmer finish

Shimmer finish offer a sheer coverage with some shine or sparkle. This is actually fit for all ages which is great if you are a make up artist.  However if you have fine lines this can settle into those but just put a primer so it will not happen.

Eye shadow is something of an option for some since its only an enhancer. So make sure to think carefully of the things that you will be using the next time you use these.

Much love! 

- Alice 


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