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Friday, September 14, 2012

Kpop Friday: T-Ara's Day by Day and Sexy Love

Hello ladies! 

I am back with another Kpop Friday! You know me when it comes to searching for Kpop stuff I am a bit late but I don't really care. 

While browsing the internet with no specific agenda (don't tell me you don't do it yourself) I was able to watch another MV from T-ara!

I don't really have a care on MV but when T-ara releases a MV I flip since it usually is like a mini movie. The songs featured were Day by Day and Sexy Love. I remember there was also Day and Night but I forgot.. was there? ugh! my brain is playing tricks on me so sorry. 

But anyway on today's Kpop Friday I will share to you all the videos of T-ara's new songs Day by Day and Sexy Love. 

Compared to their previous MVs, Day by Day and Sexy Love was set in a post apocalyptic setting. Hyo min and Dani acts as sisters in the MV while Ji yeon is the villain in the MV as a tyrant leader that wants Dani because she has telekinetic powers.  At the ending of the MV 1 for Day by Day Hyo min gets injured while Ji yeon abducts Dani.

By the second MV, Dani is now Eunjung who has short hair and looks terribly deadly. The ending of this MV is just like the ending of other T-ara - A very sad one. Is it just me or T-ara makes the ending of their MV really sad that it makes an impact on you? Just sayin.

They also released several other versions of these songs such as a dance version. I was really excited to see the dance versions since they are my favorite. I haven't checked if they have posted a practice version of these songs but if they do I will link it to my Facebook page for sure.

What do you think of this MV? let me know on the comment box.

Weekend here I come!

Keep safe and much love!

-- Alice


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