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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kpop Friday: KDramas Kissing Scenes

Hello everyone~ its Friday again! 

I can't believe that its Friday again! I thought its still Tuesday LOL. But seriously have you noticed how days pass by soooo fast? can the days go a little slower sometime? please please.. maybe during the weekend? hehe..

But any who on today's Kpop Friday I would be showing your girls the kisses in Kdramas. 

A kiss is just a kiss for some they say...but when in Kdramas it becomes a little bit more. Most Kdrama kisses actually make headlines because of the motif..or something like that. Usually the viewers define the name of that moment when they see the setting or the situation where that kiss happened. 

From Lovers to Paris to Lie to me I am seriously thinking what I should feature in this post because there are so many good kissing scenes... aww I don't know! I will just pick my top five. 

5. Lovers in Paris' Why can't you tell them! kiss. 

Did you know that the very first Kdrama I watched was Lovers in Paris? It was translated in Tagalog back then but this scene was the bomb. I was getting goosebumps when I saw this scene. The name actually is from a line Park Shin Yang said to a crying Kim Jung Eun. 

 4. Dream High's The Ferris wheel kiss

Dream High was probably one of those series that is a little confusing because of all the sub plots but I love this series mainly for the musicality. I'm a singer and I really liked their choice of songs here.

Okay enough about that, lets move on to the scene. This was I think during the Kirin High's trip to Japan. Taecyeon's character Jin Guk wanted to having this ride with Suzy's character Hye mi as a way to make up for his broken promise...closure? nah!!!. I deemed this a good scene since its sweet but still appropriate to the younger crowd...matanda teh? LOL

3. Coffee Prince's Alien Kiss.

NO...they didn't kiss an alien in this one LOL. This scene was really a funny one for me since this was the scene where Goong Yoo said "whether you are an guy on an alien I don't care anymore" then went for the kiss. ( cue sfx awwwww )

Seriously I hope there are still guys like that around ^^,

2. Lie to Me's Cola Kiss

Kids if you want to see this scene...please get an adult okay? The kiss is more mature than the typical cutesy teen peck...not that I have any problem with it but I really suggest parental guidance is advised. haha! I sound like an ahjumma! LOL

and now let's move to the number one kiss shall we??




1. Secret Garden's Foam Kiss


Yey! I love this scene because it is just soooo cute and so unexpected. And you know why Hyun bin kissed her? just to get the foam from her upper lips, its so hilarious because he just did it just because of that haha! 

That is it for today's Kpop Friday! 

What is your favorite KDrama kissing? Let me know on the comment below I would really love to know your top 5 if you have. 

Have a safe weekend! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


CJ said... [Reply]

I actually don't love Korean drama kissing scenes because they're so tame! I mean, I would understand if their actor/s is underage but some of the actors are pretty legal already. But I saw the lie to me, and I liked it(I swear I'm not a pervert), I still like innocent kisses like Suzy + Taecyeon though :)


Alice said... [Reply]

@CJ I agree, there are still some kissing scenes that are just too good and too sweet to be true :) Thanks for dropping by~ :)



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