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Friday, September 21, 2012

Kpop Friday: Is September a bad month for Girl Groups?

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this coming weekend since I will be doing a lot of things. Unfortunately I can't share what will be happening tomorrow because I was told not to share it (boo!) but I think I will be able to share to you what I will be doing this Sunday so be sure to check it out ^^,

Okay on today's Kpop Friday is about girl groups that have returned and are facing some tough love because of stuff that they did. 

Let's start with KARA. KARA just came back from one year hiatus with their song 'Pandora'. In terms of the response to the song, it has received some love which is great although they did not receive a lot of love after some stuff regarding their outfits and also parking in a handicap spot.

My 2 cents:
It's definitely a plus that KARA is improving their image from the cute, innocent kind to the sexy-but-not-in-a-dirty-way. In case of their outfits, its part of the package people so get over it! Seriously if you are trying to be sexy then go all the way with the short skirts and revealing their long sexy legs. In terms of parking in the handicap spot, its not really their fault, you can say its their driver if they do have one. But if they were the ones that parked there then it should be something they have to remember that handicap station are only for the ones that really needed it. 

Next would T-ara, I know I just featured them last week but on this week's Kpop Friday it would focus on the scandal that they are now experiencing. This actually occurred in regards to the removal of Hwayoung from the group due to problems when Hwayoung got into an accident that left her unable to participate in their performance in Japan, which resulted Hwayoung leaving the group. This resulted netizens to say bad stuff to the other members of T-ara, one of which is they are said to bullied Hwayoung for not doing her best.

My 2 cents:
I don't really know the whole story behind this issue but I think the only bad thing that was needed to be settled in this issue is why do they have to remove Hwayoung from the group? I think it would be much better if she was just asked to take a leave for her leg to get better.  

This past week was a lot to handle for me if you ask me since I have just read most of these issues when I was going through Kpop sites. I don't really meddle in this kinds of things because most of them are not true so I did not really take a lot of interest in them then. 

What do you think about these issues? What can you say about them?

Let me know on the comment box below! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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