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Monday, September 3, 2012

Have Healthy and Party-Ready Skin with Benzac® AC Gel

Having a healthy glowing and youthful skin is always an investment especially if you live in the city. But unfortunately due to stress from work, school and other contributors we tend to break out more than often. Have you had that important day like a date or a business presentation that you want to look your best but then you see that huge pimple in your face? I know the feeling and covering it up usually ends up in disaster.

This is one problem most teenagers face during their adolescent and teenage years. A lot of brands actually claim that they can fix it but sometimes it would be the opposite of it. I find it comforting when the Galderma brand manager Ms. Christine Yap-Legaspi, stated that,Teenagers with acne who have extremely dry or sensitive skin are good candidates for treating with Benzac® AC Gel. It says that this product is not too harsh for the skin and it would fix pimple problems.

Benzac® AC has acrylates copolymer (AC) technology which delivers moisturizing product glycerin to dry, sensitive skin, This absorb excess facial sebum that leads to pimple formation.

Benzac® AC Gel treats acne without leaving the skin dry. It has also proven to kill 90% of pimple-causing bacteria on the skin. Just use itonce daily. This makes Benzac® an essential regimen to protect ourselves and prevent breakouts especially before that important date or party out with your BFFs.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to hide because Benzac is about having a good time with acne-free skin!

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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