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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Computer Crashed... Again :(

Hey there! 

I feel so bummed out today since my computer crashed AGAIN. And this time I really need to get it fixed. 

According to my God Brother the main disk had to be reformatted. I am not a computer expert but he said other stuff regarding it doesn't boot or something else, yeah I know I over worked my PC in other words. 

I feel bad though since I won't be able to use my computer for 2 days since my brother is going to fix it which means I can't use it till Tuesday. I don't really have a problem with it if you ask me but I usually have a routine when I get home from work with my computer since around midnight is the best time to think for me. 

In terms of blogging, don't worry I will still blog everyday. Thankfully my God brother is nice enough to lend me his laptop to get some job done, given that I can just use it for blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other SNS. But in terms of downloading stuff I can't do it since he is a little scared his laptop will get a virus or malware. 

In terms of uploading new videos, I think I won't be able to do that since I can't upload them with my God brother's lap top. I think I will just edit some of the looks I just did and post them after my computer has been fixed. 

Which now gets me to the part of downloading new editing software for my computer. My computer's main disk will be reformatted, most probably all my editing software will be gone to oblivion. ugh!!! I hate this but this is the consequence of overworking my only companion in giving you girls a great post everyday :( 

I do hope my brother will be able to get it fixed sooner than 2 days because a day without my Chachi (my computer) is like a day without sunshine. I have really become addicted don't I? LOL

I hope you girl would understand if I won't be able to maintain my Facebook Page for a while :( 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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