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Monday, September 3, 2012

August 2012 Haul ~~

 Hey Ladies! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I had a great weekend with my BFF and I will tell you more of that on my other blog and ones that she uploads our picture I'll share them to all of you as well. 

Okay so September is here and I am so stoked because its the start of the BER months again! yey! Can't wait for December!!! 

But this September I don't think I will be purchasing a lot of make up because my traincase if now overflowing with make up! Like seriously I need to buy a bigger one or maybe I will buy another make up drawer. What do you girls think? hmmm... 

So here are the stuff that I bought last August. 

Avon Naturals Aloe Hydra-cool Overnight mask. 

I basically got this to try it out if it will really make my face smoother. I will do a review about this as soon as possible I promise. I believe I got this for 129 PHP. 

Avon Ultra Moisture Lipstick in Lava Love and Knock out Pink. 

I wasn't intending to buy these but I actually don't have a lot of Avon lippies so might as well. I am a sucker for can call it a lipstick obsession LOL. I got these for 199 each. 

Avon Glimmersticks chromes in Blue, Violet and Black. 

I actually forgot how much these costs :( but I got this at a sale. I bought these mainly that my eyeliner collection will not just consist of brown and black pencils. 

Excel Lip Creams in 501, 510 and 511. 

I got these because they were recommended to me. Check my review and test run here. I got these for 100 each from an office mate of mine.

Now lets move on to the stuff my mom got me. I uberly love my mom because she just knows me so much that even if I don't tell her to buy me something she just buys me. She actually bought me some make up in like a swap meet place near our house. I was actually amazed that these are super pigmented and she just bought them below 100 pesos. 

Qianui 8 colors palette. 

Chinese brand make up here in the Philippines are really cheap but some of them don't really give a lot of promise to me, except this one. For some reason Qianui make up gives the best pigmentation for just a drugstore make up. I was really impressed because they are uberly pigmented and long lasting.

Qianui Trio 

This is also from Qianui, and I am so impressed with this one as well because it is super pigmented. I will make a tutorial using both palettes soon so watch out for that! :)

And lastly these are the 4 products my mom also bought for me. 

1. Colour Collection BB Cream Foundation.

The shade actually doesn't fit my skin tone so I just use this as a concealer and primer for my lids. 

2. Avon Trio in Earth.

I actually forgot what this product is called. If you can see closely the concealer in this trio has already hit pan and that is because my mom has been using it as well. 

3. Make Station Eyeliner Cake. 

This is a little surprising since I thought this was a matte black eye shadow but when I looked at the bottom of the packaging it says eye liner cake. I know pretty weird but pretty nice too. 

4. Taupe Eyeshadow

I honestly don't know where this came from. I thought its from Philosophy but when I checked their website I found out that there is no make up sold by Philosophy.

Hope you like this haul!

Much Love! 



Aya said... [Reply]

Nice haul! The lippies look nice :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Aya Thanks Aya! :)

Hazel said... [Reply]

i'd like to try avon lipsticks next :D

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