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Thursday, September 27, 2012

2ne1 I Love you Dara Inspired Look Tutorial

Hello ladies! 

I can't believe that its already Thursday! days fly by so fast don't you think? but I am so happy that its already Thursday because weekend is fast approaching and I am so excited for it!

Its a Chuseok weekend here at work so I will be having an extra 3 days vacay! woot woot!

I will shooting videos on those days so expect tons of uploads and updates for sure ^^,

I just uploaded this look from 2ne1 a couple of days ago and I received some comments about it being that I picked Dara who is the skinniest member of 2ne1thus the look doesn't fit my face shape. I was just amazed that the commenter was just stating his/her point but the words that were used are not really appropriate. But still I appreciate the thought.

On to the tutorial!

I really didn't have a hard time with this look since most of the colors are easy to find there are no special techniques applied for this look. You can actually try this look when you are out since its simple but has an impact. Actually after trying out this look I went out with my guy friends and they are impressed with the improvement of my make up routine when I'm around them. I usually don't drink with them with make up on so they were surprised. 

How to achieve this look:

1. Apply foundation and BB cream of choice.
2. Prime your lids
3. Apply an orange shimmery eye shadow on your lids
4. Apply a taupe eye shadow from the center lids to the outer corner
5. Apply black eye shadow on the outer corners and crease area.
6. Blend the eye shadows to avoid harsh lines.
7.Line your eyes. apply eye liner as close to the natural lash line as possible.
8. Line the waterline with the black eyeliner from the outer corner to the middle of the lash line then smudge it till the inner corners.
9. Curl lashes then apply mascara. Fake lashes can be optional.
10. Apply peach blush to your cheeks
11. Apply pink lipstick on your lips

And you are done! 

Products used:
Qianui eye shadow palette (only the orange eye shadow)
Stila Eye shadow in Grand
Elf Matte pigment in Charcoal
Avon Transforming liquid eye liner
Main Station cake eye liner
Careline shine free blush in peach glow
Max Factor pancake foundation in true beige
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame
Colour Collection Gluta BB cream in Natural

I can't really say that I have improved on my make up skills but I like this look out of all the 2ne1 style mainly because its something I can use everyday. I like color but not too much though so I think this look can be one that you can sport for a day or night meet up with my friends.

What do you think about this look?

Let me know on the comment box!

Much Love!

xx Alice


Janet said... [Reply]

i'm loving the look! you totally nailed the makeup! really prettY! thanks for sharing ^_~

Alice said... [Reply]

@Janetn Thanks Janet! ^^,

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