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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vlog Round Up (Aug 20-25)

Happy Monday ladies!

Its another holiday for most of us but unfortunately I have to go to work :( But any who I am back with some vlog round up!

I wasn't able to vlog much last week because of my cough and cold but I was able to pull through it with some rest, meds and all your love and support! I honestly didn't know that a lot of people do watch my videos...especially my vlogs so I was very surprised to get emails and comments of love from all of you. Thank you soooo much!

And also I'm really sorry if I look Haggardo Versoza (haggard) on most parts of these vlogs. Blame it on the meds, they dried my skin but thankfully I was able to recover quickly. ^_^


I will try to vlog more so please send me your shout outs if you want to be greeted on my vlog! :)

Have a safe and wonderful week!

Much love!

-- Alice


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