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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Product Review: Excel Lip Cream

Happy Sunday ladies! I am back with a new review and it is for the Excel Lip cream! I have heard of this product from a comment I received a couple of months back. I got really curious about it so I researched where I can buy it. 

You can actually purchase these on online stores and also on some make up shops. The prices range from 40 pesos to 250 pesos depending if you are buying by bulk or individual ones. 

I only got 3 shades to try out which are 501, 510, and 511. 

501 is more of a pale pink shade. 

510 is a fuchsia pink shade

 511 is a tomato red shade. 

These are considered a dupe of the NYX matte lip cream. I haven't tried those but if I do I will let you girls know if they are the same. Its other claim is it will last 24 hours. In terms of consistency, when you first apply this it still has that demi matte finish but after a while it will dry up and give you that matte finish. It does feel a bit sticky in the long run.  

See the pigmentation? This is what I like most about this since its really pigmented and it complements my skin really well. The only this that I don't like about these are they are very hard to remove. If you are using water, expect rigorous wiping to get it removed. I suggest you use an oil based make up remover so it will be easier to remove. 

Let's go to the Pros and Cons shall we? 

Has no weird scents
Very pigmented
Cheap! You can buy one of this as low as 40 php at some online shops

Only lasts a couple of hours on my lips
Very drying if you don't apply lip balm first. 
Hard to remove. My lips actually felt swollen when I only used water in removing this. 


I like it but I think this is something I can use when I just want a pop of color for a couple of hours. Not really an all day product for me if you ask me. 

Will I repurchase? 

I don't think so. I still have tons of lip products to finish. But if given the chance why not. I would like to see all the other shades actually. 

Who do I recommend this product? 
To girls who are looking for a pigmented lip product. But I really suggest you use this with a lip balm before apply the product.

 Have a safe Sunday! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 



Lovely swatches, dear! Haven't tried those yet but I fell in-love with the NYX ones. :) I still have those so I don't think I will be buying any matte lip creams for a while.

Alice said... [Reply]

@PEACHY PINK SISTERS Thanks for dropping by! ^^, I am actually planning on buying at least 1 of the nyx matte lip creams to see if they are really the same ^^,

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