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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Make up Collection

Hello ladies! 

I'm back with my make up collection! this was actually requested by my new friend Chome from Youtube. I was also planning on doing a video like this soon but I haven't really thought about it. Maybe because I thought my make up collection was still really small. But when I checked I didn't realized that it had grew a lot! 

I haven't actually did a whole inventory on my make up since I am very busy with my work. But I'll try to do them as soon as possible. Its actually a bit overwhelming for me since I didn't notice how my babies grew. I will definitely do more tutorials with these! 

I was able to note some stuff from my make up collection: 

My palette collection has now grew from 2 to 5! :) 


Majority of my collection consists of eye shadows and lippies! ahhh! I didn't know I have become that into my make up. I also love how my make up options has just based on local based products. Not that I don't love high end products but I think drugstore make up is just the same as high end make up, the only difference is the name.

There is just some things missing in my collection: FOUNDATION and CONCEALERS.

I currently have only one or two foundations in my collection. I should really need to buy new ones soon. Do you have any recommendations? I am actually leaning more on the BB creams as of the moment since I think they are more wearable than foundation.

As for concealer, I usually don't wear concealer that much since I only have minimal imperfections that foundation or my bb cream can cover up. 

Have you checked your collection? Let's compare! :D 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


nicole paler said... [Reply]

Wow cool! I really love to play with eyeshadow that's why I am currently wanting a palette... You have a lot of make up on your stash already! :) My make up collection grew suddenly when I won this giveaway... I remember that it used to be just a powder foundation, a small careline blush and eyeshadow palette and a ever bilena lip and cheek tint... :)

Hoping to see you on my site too! :)

Sam Lanuza said... [Reply]

I like the vintage vibe of your kit :)

Chrissy said... [Reply]

Wow sis, your collection is really growing ha :D

Alice said... [Reply]

Thanks ladies! :)

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