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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers : Shen of Shen's Addiction

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Hello ladies! Its a sunny Tuesday! Thankfully I am feeling much better so expect that I will vlog within this week! :-D 

On today's post I will be sharing to you one of the pinay bloggers that I really do look up to. I haven't done this post in a while so forgive me.

On today's My Favorite Pinay Blogger/ Youtuber I present to you Shen of Shen's Addiction!

I have started reading her blog about a year or two ago. I think I started reading about her through Nikki Tui of Askmewhats since they are friends.

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On Shen's blog she mainly talks about beauty for pinays on the go. I am very interested in her product reviews and also her make up looks. Shen doesn't look perfect but she pulls off great looks that I really like. On the picture above, that is her latest look because she was a bridesmaid for her friend's wedding.

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Most of the items that she features are a mix of drugstore, mid end and also high end product which is really cool because she shows that you can mix and match your look and it doesn't depend if all your make up are high end to look perfect in your skin. All you need to know is how to apply them.

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I have met Shen in person and she is very different from her blog in my opinion. I was kinda intimidated by her at first because she looks like a big shot beauty blogger but when I was able to meet her, I was shocked that is a lot like me. She is very bubbly and sweet. I was able to meet her at her Clinique party a long time ago.

And if you read her blog there are topics outside beauty that she does talk about which is sooo cool :)

I am really glad I met her and I hope to meet Shen again in the near future :)

Visit her blog and see why I love to read her blog.

Much Love!

-- Alice

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