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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make up 101: Basic Facts about Mascaras

Hello ladies!
On today's make up 101 we'll discuss the basic things we need to know about mascaras! I really envy those girls that have the almost perfect lashes - the full and noticeable ones that you just need a lash curler and they are ready to go. 

First thing you need to remember is what is your lash peeves. Some of the most common that I know is the non existent lashes, but personally my lashes are droopy in which instead of being pointing upwards, my lashes are pointing downwards. I don't have any problems with mine but I hate that sometimes I feel that even curling them they are not noticeable. Do you feel the same way?

Okay lets start first with the formulas to choose from. There are only 2 formulas for mascaras : Wet (lengthening) Mascara and Thick (volumizing) mascara.

Wet Mascara or lengthening mascara.

This formula are perfect for already thick or full lashes. This formula has less wax in it which means you can build up your lashes with this formula without the clumping. 

Thick mascara or Volumizing mascara.

This mascara is great for thin lashes or non existent lashes since this has more wax than the first one. The wax holds on to the lashes thus giving them a 'fuller' lash effect.

Another thing to remember when getting mascara is the type of wand it has since it will greatly effect the product if used. 

Spiky wand.

This wand type gives even coats to each lash and this is also great to use to separate clumped lashes. 


Spiral wand.

Spiral wands are great to use to curl the lashes, like what a curling iron can do. 

Short and long bristle wands
Short and long woven bristles is the best to give volume to the lashes. 

Also do not forget to change your mascara every three months or once that it becomes clumpy. I usually change mine every six months or when it starts giving me the spider lashes.

Just remember that you can experiment on what is the best mascara there is for you.

I hope these can help you!

Much Love!



Very informative post! I love mascaras and this will really help those that would like to try out different mascaras.

Alice said... [Reply]

@PEACHY PINK SISTERS Thanks for dropping by! :)

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