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Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's go Bar Boppin with Benzac

The Fort was the scene of the recently concluded Benzac Bar Tour, which made the rounds at Jill’s, Amber UltraLounge and Craft Pub and Grill. To make the bar hopping a memorable experience there were the Benzac dancers, Galderma brand manager Christine Yap- Legaspi and YouTube sensation Jem Mark aka jemdahunk.

 Aimed to provide bar-goers with an entertaining experience, while informing
them of the multiple merits of Benzac® AC Gel and Wash as a treatment for adolescent acne.

The Benzac dancers have put the groove in groovy and the bump in goosebumps as they made their
merry way from bar to bar. Participants of the impromptu game of “give me your coolest pick up
line” were given Benzac products while others got a Cetaphil whistle lanyard to hoot their way
through the evening.

A welcome addition was Jemdahunk, whose hilarious three-part “How
to Dance in the Club” video went viral just two months ago, and is currently close to hitting a total
of 4,000,000 hits on YouTube. According to his YouTube page, he styles himself
as “just a regular guy who enjoys making short films to make people laugh and make life more

His presence definitely made a hit with the crowd, many of whom
had laughed as they recognized the archetypal dance personalities he mimicked in his popular
videos, such as “The Virgin,” “The Party Pooper,” “The Problematic,” . 

Jemdahunk, a Filipino who studied in the US but
decided to work in Dubai. According to Jem Mark he uploaded his videos because he was bored and just wanter to have a hobby, and now a YouTube star is born!

Like acne, boredom is also a primary problem of teenagers today. Which is why Galderma
Philippines, the home of Benzac AC, dreamed up the Benzac Bar Tour to address both concerns
with one blow. Aside from the entertainment, young party-goers got a chance to learn more about
Benzac® AC Gel and Wash, which are therapeutic, water-based benzoyl peroxide treatments
especially formulated for women with adult acne and teens with adolescent acne.

According to Christine Yap- Legaspi, teenagers with acne who have extremely dry or sensitive skin are good candidates for the Benzac AC Gel, they also chose  Saturday for the bar tour
because they knew that there would be a lot of teenagers who would benefit from Benzac.

Benzac® AC incorporates acrylates copolymer (AC) technology to deliver moisturizing
glycerin to dry, sensitive skin and absorb excess facial sebum that leads to blackhead formation.
Micronized benzoyl peroxide assures a smooth-textured, consistent formulation. Benzac® AC
Wash cleans and moisturizes while it treats acne and at the same time prepares the skin for
more active acne treatment with the Benzac AC Gel.

Did you know that night spots where young people gather is a fun way to spend Saturday night, but it’s also
a petri dish for bacteria? this was one information Christine Yap- Legaspi pointed out. Benzac AC has been proven to kill 94% of
harmful bacteria on the skin, so what better way to protect your skin while on a night out with
the gang?

There was no doubt that the tour was a huge success. The Benzac Bar Tour was a fun,
innovative way to educate young people about proper facial care and acne treatment. In the end,
it all boils down to the essentials: having a good time and acne-free skin!

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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