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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kpop inspired make up look

Hello everyone!!!

How has your weekend been so far? For me its not much since I have to go to work yesterday and I have came up with the cough so I can't get out of the house because of it, but its okay :) 

If you have been reading this blog, you would know that I uberly love Kpop, from the music, dramas and of course make up so that is why I came up with this Kpop inspired look. 

Most of my inspiration in this look is Hyuna of 4MINUTE, Gain of Brown Eyed Girls, Ji Yeon of TARA, and Suzy of Miss A 

Its just an inspired look and I know its not perfect so don't judge k? 

Here's how you can achieve this look:

1. Apply Foundation or BB cream of choice
2. Use Concealer to hide imperfections, but if you are using bb cream you can skip this step
3. Set everything with powder
4. Apply shimmery light taupe eyeshadow on the lids for a 3d effect.
5. Apply Eyeliner.
6. once that you are at the outer part of the lash line, extend your eyeliner at least a centimeter. 
7. Connect the outer lower lash line to the upper outer lash line. It will create a shadow effect that makes the eyes appear bigger. 
8. Apply light color eyeshadow or eyeliner to the inner corners
9. Apply Highlighter to the nose bridge, cupid's bow, and cheek bones. 
10. Apply pink blush to cheeks
11. Apply pink lipstick. 

And you are done!

easy right?

Products used:

MaxFactor Pancake Foundation in True Beige
Careline Pimple concealer in natural
Avon Simply Pretty Pressed Powder in Almond
Maxfactor e/s in Shimmershell Pink and Moonbeam
Max point eyeliner cake
Careline Blush in Touch of Pink
Avon Simply Pretty lipstick in Pampering Pink

I hope you are all having a safe weekend! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Mej said... [Reply]

Hi Alice!

I love this look on you. very pretty :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Mej Thanks Mej! :)

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