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Friday, August 3, 2012

Kpop Friday! Kpop Hairstyles

Hello Ladies! 

I'm back with another Kpop Friday post! I hope you like that I featured Siwon oppa for today's Kpop header, I just love him...I know you do too! :D 

Okay on today's kpop post I will just state some observations about Kpop idol hairstyles. Most hairstyles I see that they sport are really simple ones. The only difference is it looks so darn good to them! :D

 I especially like it when they sport long hair styles since it makes their look so cute. I especially like Ji yeon's hair style since its easy to pull off...if I color my hair like hers I am all set LOL.

Some idols also have their hair colored. Like minzy for instance, if you ask me I will not color my hair like that since its something of a deal breaker. I do commend Kpop artist who sport out of this world hair colors. I don't know how they make it work but I salute you. 

For male idols, I noticed that most of them sport wash and wear looks. Take Siwon for example, this look can actually go for a sexy bad guy look to a guy next door type. Its all in the matter of styling it. 

In conclusion (so scientific!) I think that sporting Kpop hairstyle is like sporting what is in trend in Milan or Rome. Just rock it as your own and enjoy it. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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