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Friday, August 10, 2012

Kpop Friday: Aegyo!

Hello ladies! It's Friday again and here is the Kpop Friday post for today! :) 

I like to aegyo, do you like to do it too?

Aegyo simply means whimsical but according to an explanation to me aegyo simply depicts cuteness and innocence of a person, much like what we do when we were kids. Most Kpop idols that does these are girls but there are also guys. Aegyo is basically something to exude cuteness and gain some attention. Not saying that people that do aegyo want constant attention, but from personal experience, aegyo brings out a smile to a person if you do it to them. 

The simplest thing to do aegyo is to be shy. Most girls cover their faces when they are I right? That is aegyo ^0^

Here are other simply irresistible aegyo moves :D

The nyan nyan

The side tongue

Baby pout

Really? pose :D

 As I said earlier, guys can also do aegyo...but not as good as girls!

But in general, not all Koreans do aegyo. It may seem normal when you watch Korean dramas but in reality, they don't really do it that often-trust me, my neighborhood has lots of Korean residents :D 

Aegyo is usually done to be cute for your partner, but I suggest ladies you do this once in a while. Your boyfie might think your going crazy LOL. 

That's it for today's Kpop Friday ~~ 

Weekend is just a sleep away! Keep safe and pray for a sunny weekend ahead! 

Much Love! 



Dana Kimberly :) said... [Reply]

i like aegyo for girls but not for guys! :)

but i still prefer sexy than aegyo!

Alice said... [Reply]

@Dana Kimberly :) I agree with you! :)

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