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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hyuna Oppa's Just my Style (Gangnam Style) Inspired look

Hey ladies! 

I am back with a new make up look! ^^, I will be doing more Kpop looks for now since I love these looks. But don't worry I'll do non Kpop related looks soon :) 

I was mainly inspired of Hyuna's make up in her version of Gangnam style which is actually renamed Oppa's Just my Style. 

This is just an inspired look so I just incorporated some from the original look. The thing I didn't add in this look is the rhinestones since I don't have rhinestones. 

I actually went online on my skype account and talked to my cousins and also my friends in Europe and they were really fascinated with this look. 

Products used:
Stila Professional palette #1
Maxfactor pancake foundation in true beige
Maxfactor brow kit in midnight brown
Avon ultra moisture lipstick in knock out pink
maxpoint eyeliner cake 
Avon flawless color trio

How to achieve this look: 
1. Prime the lids and apply base color 
2. Apply Prize all over the lids
3. Apply Kitten and Sparkle on the center of the lids
4. Line your eyes, but when you are at the end make your liner a downward winged eyeliner. 
5. Like your lower lashline
6. Apply base color on the inner corners up until the center of the waterline. 
7. Apply Prize again from the inner corners to the center of the lower lash line. 
8. Do usual foundation routine. 
9. Contour your cheeks
10. Apply reddish pink lipstick only to the center of your lips. 

And you are done! 

Its quite simple to do and great to pull off especially if you are going out with your friends for a night out. ^^, 

Now I will leave you with my 'shocked' look teehee! ^^.

Have a wonderful day! 

Much love! 

-- Alice 


Marissa said... [Reply]

i could never perfect that eye liner thing. :(

but i like your eye makeup :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Marissa Thank you! And don't worry just practice practice practice, the more you practice doing this trick will make it easier for you ^^,

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