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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hello ladies! I hope you are all safe with the rainy weather today. Currently stranded at home though because all roads out of my neighborhood are flooded tsk! Believe it or not I would prefer to go to work today but since the weather is not letting me, might as well just stay home. 

I was meaning to do this blog post last week but I guess I just forgot about it because I was quite busy. 

Oh well. 

On today's blog I will share to you girls the stuff I got last July. I was pretty surprised that I got so much stuff since I was able to attend an event and I got a token package when I did a PR post. I won't go through the details on those since its a little technical whenever I talk about it for some reason. Yeah I'm weird that's why LOL. 

The first items I will show you is the package I got as a token. 

In this package I got 4 nivea items! I uber love nivea! When I was younger, I remember my mom used nivea cream a lot. Its a tad expensive but I swear the feeling after using it is awesome.

Here are the list of items I got in the mail:
Nivea Visage Sparkling White Night Cream
Nivea Visage Acne Oil Control Cleansing Foam
Nivea Baby Tender Caring Soap
Nivea Angel Star Deo in Icy Kiss

The next one is the loot bag I got from an event I attended. The event I attended was the FOLLOW media launch, you can check that article here. I actually got a lootbag from Cetaphil and Flawless.

Cetaphil products:
Cetaphil Daily moisturizer
Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser
Cetaphil UVA UVB Cream
Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating lotion for dry to very dry skin

Flawless Products:
Flawless Skin Lightening Soap
Flawless Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunblock
Flawless Oatmeal Soap
Flawless Skinlite Cream

And now lets move on to the stuff I bought with my moolah! I was pretty stoked when I got these items because some of it will be part of my upcoming giveaway! yes! I will have my second giveaway once I reach my 200 subbies on Youtube... Three more to go! :)

I will still buy some stuff for my giveaway so expect a lot of prizes!

List of items I got:

D&G Light Blue Spray
BBW Ginger and White tea fragnance mist
VS Love to Flirt Body Mist
VS Exotics Moonlit Jasmine Body Mist
Avon Skin So Soft
Avon Sun and Moon duo
Avon Simply Pretty Cheek Blush
Sophie Paris Lippies (6 shades)
Camera Necklace

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Keep safe always!

Much love!

- Alice 


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