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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alexandra Stan "Mr. Saxobeat" Inspired tutorial

Hello ladies! I am so glad that the weather had finally changed! How is your Thursday so far? I hope that all of you are okay midst the heavy rain that happened a couple of days ago.

I actually did this tutorial during my one week vacation. For some reason the color looks more grayish than blue in the camera. Oh well! I was mainly inspired from Alexandra Stan's picture for the song Saxobeat.

I heard the song from my friend's phone and asked what is the title of it, I tried researching it and I saw the promo picture. The song itself is a up tempo Eurodance song with some house elements. If your a kid of the 90's some of you would know this. I listen mostly to dance songs and I have grown accustomed to the different types of it like this one.

The look is actually more of a night look, so expect to rock this look when you are out in the club with your friends.

1. Apply Foundation and prep the lips 
2. Apply dark blue and sky blue e/s from the inner corners to the center of the lids
3. Apply dark blue e/s near the crease
4. Apply dark blue e/s and black e/s on the crease area and blend. 
5. Contour the cheeks and apply blush
6. Apply lipstick. 

 And you are done!

I hope you like this tutorial! Please do let me know on the comments box below ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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