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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Product Review: Missha Creamy Latte Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Hello ladies! 

For today's review I will be reviewing my current cleanser which is from Missha. I think this is the very first Korean cosmetic product that I got so I'm quite nervous and excited since I don't know what will this product do to my skin. This was given to me by our Korean manager when they visited our office a couple of months ago. I was supposed to get the chocolate cleanser but I changed it with my office mate since this the chocolate cleanser is for dry skin. 

This product comes in two other variants which are chocolate and strawberry. I think green tea is for oily skin, chocolate is for dry skin, and strawberry is for normal skin. As for the retail price since I got this as a gift, I researched online and most online stores on Ebay sell this around 3 USD or 500 PHP. But if you are impatient with waiting for it since it will be shipped, you can just go to their store. Luckily I was able to see a store of Missha here within my area. 


Upon receiving this product, I saw that this was sealed so you will know that this product is really new. I wasn't able to take a picture of the cleanser since my camera died :( It also has a stamp at the back to let you know how long will the product last. Mine says it will last till the end of the year and I still have I think 80% product left :D The scent is really mild and clean it's a mix of floral and green scent so it will be very calming to some.

The claim of this product is it will make your skin clean moisturized and nourished because of its milk ingredients. I actually prefer using this with my cleansing pad since I really want to exfoliate at the same time. 

I was a bit concerned with the price since its around 500 PHP. Honestly when it comes to skin care, it will be best to spend to get the best results, but it would depend on the skin itself so I suggest take a risk when buying pricier skin care products.

I was seriously concerned when I got this product since I've seen reviews before using this saying that it dried their skin in the wrong way. I was also concerned since most Korean skin care or cosmetics are specifically for the seasons spring,summer,autumn and winter. You do know that the Philippines has 2 seasons right? but luckily this didn't broke me out.

Let's go to the pros and cons shall we?

- It lives up to its claimed.
- I love the scent! Its really mild and even your hand will smell like the cleanser for some time. :)
- It did not break me out.


- The price. If you are on a budget, think twice about this product before purchasing.
- Has no English translation at the back.


I love this product. If you are concerned about the price its really best to invest on these kinds of product. And also take into consideration if this will work out for your skin.

Will I repurchase?

I'm not sure since I still have lots of product. But if I can I will repurchase this.

Who do I recommend this to?

To Kpop fanatic+cosmetic and skin care enthusiasts out there! :)

Have you tried this? Let me know about your experience on the comment box below!

Much Love!


NOTE: This product was given to me by my Korean manager. I was not told nor influenced to make this review. All opinions are from my experience.


Gellie Abogado said... [Reply]

I'm not a big fan of Korean cosmetics and haven't tried Missha yet but would surely love to try it out someday ;)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Gellie Abogado Thanks for dropping by Gel! :)

Lory said... [Reply]

Thanks for the review. I'm from Puerto Rico which also has two seasons: hot and humid or hot and dry. Sometimes I also feel most makeup and skin products are not designed with a tropical climate in mind.

Alice said... [Reply]

@Lory Hi Lory! I know how it feels I'm actually looking for products that are good for humid weather I hope you check it out I'll be posting it soon :)

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