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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Product Review: Axe Anarchy Body Spray for Him and Her

Hey ladies! 

I'm back with a new review and it is for the Axe Anarchy scents. If you girls remember I did a series of blog posts about the Axe Anarchy a month ago you can check them here. And since I got these I was able to try the one for the girls. 

I gave the guys scent to my brother since he loves Axe so much. I actually grew up with my brother using almost all the axe scents that I can remember. There was actually a time that when a guy passes by and he has axe on I would have my game face on. For some reason it just had that effect on me. 

Okay I will be reviewing both scents but I will put more emphasis on the one for girls since that is the one that I used. 

Upon using or getting a hold of it, I already had an idea about the scent. I usually had an idea about the scent already because if we are talking about Axe spray they usually have that sexy vibe which means it has vanilla for a feminine touch. It also has a fruity scents with Chinese magnolia. When I first had a sniff of this I am so liking it. It does remind me of an Avon scent but this one has more of the fruity scent.

I was just saddened when I saw that it is a limited edition. I'm not sure though if it is still available :( I also experienced a stinging sensation when the spray touched my underarm. Its not really that bad but I was a bit concerned. 

Now lets go to the men's spray. This has an energetic mix of fruity and masculine woody notes. From the description, you would already know what it smells like. Well if you are not good with scents you do need to know the scent in person. 

My brother uses this spray and he uses it A LOT. I like the scent and all I just don't like how strong it is when you are only a step away or maybe 30 steps away from him. I can seriously smell him even if he is far away. 

Okay lets go to the low down shall we? 

For Her:

 -- Love the packaging!
-- Scent is great as well. 

-- Its limited edition
-- It made the skin in my underarms irritated in a way. 

For Him: 

-- Love the packaging.
-- Uber love the scent of course! :) 

-- Scent may overwhelm you at first. 


Its a must try for couples. I do hope they will have the female version in the main line because other ladies would like to try this. 

Will I repurchase? 

Probably not because the female one is limited edition only. 

That's it for today's review. Really sorry if its really long.

Have you tried this scent? 

Do let me know what you think! :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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