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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Product Highlight: Nivea Angel Star Soft Body Souffle

Hello ladies!

On today's post I will be reviewing this item which have actually been in my vanity for so long I forgot I had this LOL

I've started using this because I've ran out of my body creams and lotions. Thankfully I will just finish my mom's stash since she is not using that much. Like seriously is it true when you become a mom you forget to take care of your precious skin anymore? I always tell my mom that even if she is not going out she still needs to moisturize her skin but she doesn't listen to me tsk tsk. 


This cutie little thing over here is what I have been using on my hands, elbows also on my knees and my soles. Those are actually the part that I get ashy so I have to moisturize them as frequent as possible. 

I got this actually during the Belle de Jour event, you can look here if you want to see what happened during that time.

Upon opening I was surprised that it has a gello like look and its the same with its consistency. I like the raspberry scent since its sweet but not overwhelming to the nose. Once applied to the skin, it actually gets absorbed much faster than my other lotions. Maybe its because of its gel like consistency. 

The scent is a sweet raspberry scent. I notice that it doesn't last long but that's okay. One thing I don't like about this is when you are gonna get some its a bit unhygienic since its in a tub but if your not a neat freak that's okay.

What do you think about this body souffle? is it a win for you?

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Much Love!

-- Alice


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