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Monday, July 23, 2012

NO hair ties or hair pins messy bun tutorial

Hello ladies! 

Its Monday again and I couldn't be happier even though its still raining but I know that after the rain there will be sunshine so don't be gloomy like the weather! :D 

On today's post I will be sharing to you one of the hairstyle that I really like to do since: 

1. It is super easy to do.
2. You don't have to use hair ties or hair pins for this! 

I usually lose my hair ties and most of my hair pins just slip out of my hair which really got me frustrated with my hair. 

Hard to believe huh? I'll show you more below. 

STEP 1. 

Gather your hair and de-tangle it. De-tangling the hair actually makes it easier to do. If you have thin hair (like I do) put some dry shampoo to make your hair a bit thicker. This hair style is actually good to do if you haven't washed you hair for 1 day. 


Twist your hair into a bun depending on how high or low you want your messy bun. But usually it would just be on the top part of our head. 

STEP 3. 

After twisting, make sure that it is tight.

Step 4.

After securing the tight bun, take a piece of hair then tuck it over the bun. 

Step 5.

Pull some strands so that it will have a little volume. 

And there you have it! Your easy no pins or hair ties bun :) 

Here's the video tutorial! :) 

Hope you like it1 :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Arrienne said... [Reply]

This is so helpful! THANKS for sharing ALice~ ^^ I want to try this sooN!


Alice said... [Reply]

@Arrienne Thanks for dropping by Arrienne! :)

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