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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Hair Care Routine

Hello ladies!

Its Monday again and although I am coming up with a cold I will not let it stop me from giving you helpful tips and tricks for the everyday girl.

Before I begin this post I would just like to thank Jesse for her email that she sent me. She initially asked about Nautreal's contact info and I gave her the info then we got into chatting for a bit. I am so thankful when I get these kinds of emails since I know that I know my posts are really helpful for others out there. She told me that my posts are really informative and I am so happy to know that! Again thank you Jesse! Hope to meet you soon dear! :)

Okay so lets get this post started shall we?

Hair care is something that I really take into consideration since I have fine hair and although its pretty easy to take care of this hair type I really would suggest to take the extra step to making it great looking and also healthy.

I usually start by washing my hair with baby shampoo or any clarifying shampoo. I do that to clean my hair thoroughly from the grime and product residue. I mostly wash my hair with it three times just to make sure. It is best to deep wash your hair at least every two days but it would depend on your hair. I would mostly do it after two days because of the weather.

After washing my hair I would apply a deep conditioner or a treatment serum to my hair to make my hair look smoother and also softer. You can try any treatments out there but make sure that these treatments will make your hair so much more.

Third item on my list is to put the treatment inside the heated shower cap. I actually got this shower cap when we went to divisoria. You may call it a chance purchase of a sort since I wasn't really intending on buying one of these but its really helpful. Then leave it for 15 minutes or more. After leaving the treatment, we rinse it and go to blow drying.

When blow drying the hair, you can go on the hot setting first then to the cold setting or the other way around. It would actually depend on your liking. When drying the hair I suggest you don't use a comb or brush yet, you can use one when its 50% dry so its easier to comb.

And that's it!

My fair is fairly thin so taking care of it is easy but if you have coarse hair you might want to go to a salon more.

Have you tried this?

Let me know what you think!

Much love!

-- Alice 


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