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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make Up 101: Makeup Foundation

Hello ladies!

Its a rainy day again here and I am seriously getting worried about my upcoming weekend activities but anyway I just hope the weather would get better soon.

For today's Make up 101 we'll be talking about foundations. I'll be talking about the types of foundations good for your skin type and also how to find your perfect shade.

before I begin with this post I would just like to say that I am not a make up professional in anyway and all information you will read on are based on what I've heard, read, and experienced okay?

so let's get started ^^.

What is your skin type?

When picking a foundation you have to remember to know your skin type first. There is the oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. These are the basic skin types you can start off if you are a beginner.

For oily skin, most of its signs is you tend to oil up more on the T-zone than the rest of the face and also your pores are slightly more visible. For dry skin, basically your face is dry especially on the cheeks and t-zone area. For combination skin, it is most characterized with an oily t-zone and cheek area while the rest of the face is dry to normal.

Types of Foundation.

There are different types of foundations for different skin types but you can check out these posts here and here about finding out what foundation suits oily and dry skin.

There are basically three types known which are liquid, powder, and cream. There are still other types of foundations but I think we'll just start with the three most common.

Liquid foundation.

Liquid foundation is noted if you want your skin to have that natural look. The coverage may vary from sheer to full coverage depending on the application and also the product itself. Liquid foundations have two types which are oil based and water based. Oil based are best for dry skin while water based is great for oily skin.

Powder Foundation.

Powder foundations are mostly recommended for those who have oily skin since it will mattify the face thus giving it a fresh face look. There are also several types of powder foundations some of which are cream to powder form or a dual type which you can use with a wet or dry sponge. Mostly powder foundations give out medium to full coverage so less is more for this powder.

Cream Foundation.

Cream foundations are mostly the opted foundation type make up artists I know would use on a gig. Not only these give out a full coverage look, but also these last a little longer. The downside of this is that if you have oily skin it will give out that shiny look, but you can mattify it using blotting paper and powder.

How to choose your foundation.

Choosing your foundation is mostly the hardest since most products don't appear to what they are from the tube. I have actually mastered getting the right shade for me when I go to a make up counter.

1. You have to remember is you have to apply the foundation to your jaw line up till your neck so that you won't experience the dreaded masked foundation.

2. To know if the shade is just right for you is if it has 'dissapeared' from your skin. Because foundation actually serves as our second skin so it has to appear close to our skin color.

3. Choose at least 3 shades for comparison.

4. Also if within those three shades nothing matched in your skin, try blending to two closest to your skin tone.

Usually there are times you have to blend two foundations to match yours. Its a matter of experimenting to see if it matches ^^.

Those are some of the ways you have to know about foundations.

I hope you girls enjoyed reading this post and do let me know if this is really helpful on the comment box below.

I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love!

-- Alice



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