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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make up 101: Make Up Base or Color Correctors

Hello ladies! Happy Wednesday! I can't believe its already Wednesday!
For today's post it will be about Make up Bases or commonly called as color correctors.

Make up Bases or color correctors are basically primers that we use before we apply foundation. Its main function if to even out the skin, correct pigmentation in the face, minimizes our pores and also makes our make up last longer. 

Here's a chart that will show you the correcting colors and the corresponding problem colors. The colors on the upper level are the correcting colors. 

If you compare this to make up primer, its actually quite different since make up base also acts as the color corrector for our face. I'll do another post about make up primers for a much better explanation. 

Make up bases actually come in different colors since it would be to correct and to even out our skin. Here are the basic 3 make up base colors.

1. Green - This color is to counteract redness to the face - especially in the sides of the nose, sides to the lips. basically this will neutralize the redness of the face. When I had bad break outs, the MUA would use this color on my skin since she says it neutralizes the redness of the break out.

2. Purple - As far as I know this is used to reduce sickly color in the face. I have seen this before but I haven't used it since I don't wear too much make up when I'm sick. 

3. Pink - This is a great base to brighten up your face. I've used this several times since I have pale skin. This gives out that smooth and flawless skin effect.

When using make up base I think its much better to just focus on the problem areas since this are only used to even out the skin.

That's it for today's Make up 101. What's your skin concern and what make up base color do you use? Let me know on the comment box below!

Much Love!

-- ALice


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