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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kpop Fridays: TVN's 12 men in a year

Hello ladies! Its another hectic Friday here at work. Luckily tomorrow is Saturday and I am pretty excited since I will be out and about with a bunch of my college friends. I'll tell you more about that next time ok? 

Soooo what is the latest Kdrama that you have been watching? 

Honestly I don't keep track of the trending series since I don't have much time logging on to the Kdrama websites I bookmarked since internet at home is making my online watching a burden.


oh well...

So I am resulted to channel surfing and I have been hooked on TVN's Kdramas since the plot is simple and easy to understand. It actually fits more into the younger crowd in Korea. Because as far as I remember the only ones that watches Kdrama are that means I AM an ahjumma?!?! LOL 

So going back to the Kdrama on our list. I've actually finished watching this series for a matter of 5 grueling nights because I have my friend's broadband stick to watch continuously. I know I'm a sucker for this so let me be! LOL. As of the moment, I have been addicted with this series called 12 men in a year.

Its about a girl named Mi Roo that is a writer for a magazine and she had been assigned to asked to get Sofia, a known writer to be a columnist for their magazine. When Sofia wasn't able to comply, Mi Roo was forced to do the assignment.

The Assignment:

Dating 12 guys from each zodiac sign.

Yeah. That was pretty much it. NOT! LOL I won't do any spoilers or anything since I've finished watching this. But in all honesty I like this series since its funny, sweet, and pretty much unpredictable.

You have to watch this to know why I love this so much! :)

Have a happy weekend!

Much love!

-- Alice 


Hollie said... [Reply]

interesting... will check it out now! hehee

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