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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kpop Friday: I want to have a Manny!!!

Hey ladies! sorry I wasn't able to post something yesterday. It was pretty hectic at work and I was so immersed with getting my job done before I pass out of hunger. I'm usually like that with work so I am really sorry....okay so let's begin today's post with my K-Drama of the week for today's Kpop Friday post! 

I've been meaning to watch this since my friends have been recommending this to me but I am still in love with Nae Yeojachinggu Gumiho (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) a lot that I totally forgot to check this. Lee Seung gi you are soooooo cute! :) 

Okay so this series is already finished as to what I've heard from my friend who lives in Korea (Hi Mi young!) and she liked it that is why she kept pestering me over IM to check this out. This series is called Manny. 

So WHAT is a Manny you ask? Manny is basically a mix of the words Man and Nanny. Its quite weird because usually we would think that taking care of other children is something a man might not favor but this guy has the guns (and abs) to prove it. You can think of him as like the male version of Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee. Okay that was just weird LOL.

Here's a little bit of the plot of the series. 

Lee Han ( Seo Ji-seok of Heart of ninteen and OB-GYN ) is the top at the field of being a Manny. He is hired by Seo Do Young (Choi Jung-yoon of Smile), a busy mother and career woman to take care of her children, Eun Bi and Jung Min.

There is also former model turned model agency CEO Janice which is Do Young's older childless sister (I think she is better without them LOL ) 

I haven't watched the other series since I just started last night but I really like this series. Its a light hearted romantic comedy for everyone to see.

This drama has 16 episodes. This is a Romantic Comedy series which will sure make you laugh and sigh..because of Lee Han's abs don't you even dare deny you won't lust over him! LOL 

I've only seen EP 1 and 2, so far so good the start of the story is pretty good since it has established a good foundation regarding the characters in the series. 

Should I do another post about this?? hmmm I'm still thinking if you girls would like to know about this, more of like a review/recap of the EPs that I've watched. 

Let me know on the comment box below k???

Much Love and happy weekend!! 

-- Alice


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